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Specialists in the design, manufacture and application of infrared temperature measurement systems. As innovators and producers of high quality thermometers and process imaging systems for sixty years, LAND's position is unrivalled.
LAND has a world-wide support network for its products in the field through which access to our long experience of application, installation and measurement know-how is readily available.

See our new generation of intelligent compact digital infrared thermometers

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On-line and portable non contact temperature measurement thermometers and systems On-line and portable temperature measurement instruments and systems, portable and fixed thermal imaging systems and infrared linescanning systems. All combine long term reliability with high accuracy temperature measurement so you can select a system which precisely matches your needs. >>>

  Application solutions in a wide variety of industries Temperature measurement products are field and time proven. Described are a variety of applications where we provide high precision and dependable measurement and control of temperature in real, down-to-earth industrial situations. >>>

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We offer a comprehensive range of after sales services We offer extensive facilities to provide a comprehensive range of after sales services to assist customers in obtaining the best performance from our temperature measurement systems. >>>   In-house, on site or on-line training in radiation thermometry LAND has a dedicated training facility to provide specialist, tailor made courses in all aspects of radiation thermometry. Training can be performed in-house, on site or on-line to give practical and application training. >>>

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All the latest information This is where you will find all our latest information. From our press releases and editorial articles through to a calendar of our events, exhibitions, seminars and conferences. >>>

  View all our downloadable files Throughout the site wherever you see the download symbol this means we have placed our literature in a downloadable format (Adobe PDF) for you to view and print out.
For ease we have also placed them all here. >>>

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Contact Us All our contact details are listed here.
Contact us for further product information or free advice on specific temperature measurement problems.
Our expert advice is never far away. >>>

  Product support A wide range of support for our products in the field. From Installation and User Guides through to Technical Notes and Software. >>>
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