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SOLOnet & IQ Configurator


A free Windows PC software utility providing configuration and data visualisation for the SOLONet and IQ ranges of digital infrared thermometers.



SOLOnet & IQ Configurator

Simple, easy-to-use software Free download for configuration and monitoring of SOLONet and IQ –E and –P digital thermometers from a Windows PC.


Utilising an intuitive interface that offers immediate access to all key data values, the software enables simple configuration of all operation parameters like emissivity and alarm settings, and clearly displays all temperature measurements.


The configurator requires only a low-specification PC running Windows XP or higher to operate. Ethernet TCP/IP and RS485 communications are both supported, making connection between the PC and thermometer easy. An optional USB to serial cable is available for the IQ –E and –P models


The configurator software is designed to be used with devices in the SOLONet and IQ series of thermometers in applications including those in the steel, aluminium, glass, hydrocarbon processing and power generation industries.


The SOLONet and IQ Configurator Software is AMETEK Land’s free utility for configuring thermometers and handling data from those ranges.



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